Floral Engraved Victorian Sterling Silver Book Chain with Matching Locket.

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Victorian sterling silver book chain with matching locket. What a rare and wonderful piece! It's not often we find chains with their original matching locket. The chain is stunning. Wider hourglass shaped links have a scrolled pierced design in them. The diamond shaped links between them are engraved with a leaf design. The back side of the chain links are plain and this necklace can be worn this side up for a different look.

This leaf pattern on the front side of the chain is also seen on the locket. The front of the locket is adorned with a delicate bouquet of flowers including a rose and lily to the centre with a scroll design framing the flowers. The back of the locket is engraved with a single flower blossom and a fan pattern framing the flower and leaves. Circa late 19th century, Victorian era.

In very good condition. The links are open in shape and a couple of them have been very slightly misshapen with time and age. Inside the locket are two frames, one built in by design and the other removable. There are no coverings. The locket snaps tightly shut with an audible click and both bolt catches are well sprung.

Not marked, professionally tested and assessed as sterling silver throughout.

Measures approx 46.5 cm / 18.25 inches in total wearable length.
The main section is 43.5 cm / a bit over 17 inches, with an additional section to create a drop from which to hang pendants or lockets as the Victorians would have.
The chain is approx 12.7 mm wide at widest point.
Locket measures approx 42.7 mm / 1.7 inches tall not including the bail by 31.4 mm / 1.25 inches wide.

Weighs 39.7 grams.