A hand-chosen collection of antique & vintage fine and costume jewellery.

Addy's Vintage is run by Erin whose magpie tendencies lead her to collecting jewellery. Several years ago, with jewellery box lids barely able to close, she started selling her collection online. Husband Kris is behind the scenes providing the male perspective of buying engagement rings and proposing. Together Erin & Kris work hard to consider all aspects of purchasing and giving jewellery, whether it's a gift to yourself or another!

I focus mainly on 1920s, Art Deco estate jewellery, loving the mixing of metals, use of bright jewels, and the engraved and beaded details so expertly carved and etched into each piece.
Each item of jewellery is like a little work of art and something I'd be happy to own. By sticking to this basic premise I am able to provide my customers with an item they will love and cherish for many years to come.

Being based in London we are able offer a range of antique and vintage jewellery sourced throughout Europe and North America offering the best of the distinctive styles from both regions.