Antique Sterling Silver Trombone Link Chain Necklace, 15.25 inches

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Antique trombone style chain crafted in sterling silver. This chain is the perfect piece! At just over 15 inches it skims the top of the collar bone, accentuating the neck. Elongated trombone links alternate with a set of three rounded links in a very classic and easy to wear style. This piece has two dog clips which can be worn to the front of hanging pendants or to the back. Circa early 20th century, 1910s, British in origin.

Hallmarked for sterling silver, date letter for 1912 on both dog clips with the lion passant throughout.

Measures 39 cm / 15.25 inches end to end, oblong links are approx 4.9 mm wide by 19.5 mm long.

Weighs 20 grams.