Vintage Faceted Platinum Wedding Ring, 1940s Narrow Ladies Engraved Band. Size K.5 / 5.5

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Vintage platinum ladies wedding ring in a faceted design. It's no secret that I love faceted rings. They are rather unique to both the country and the time period making them unlikely some other items of jewellery. England in the late 1930s to very early 1950s went through a bolder, post Art Deco phase with stronger lines seen in all manner of items from buildings to jewellery. Slender platinum rings for women were still in vogue, they just became faceted to fit the bill!

This ring has eight sides on the outside and is round on the inside, where the finger fits. It's bolder and sharper than a lot of faceted bands I find - a very good thing in my book. Each of the flat sides has been hand engraved with little notches creating a subtle, shallow zig zag pattern. The sides are flat making it easy ring to stack, it plays nicely with others. Circa 1940s, British in origin.

Stamped PLATINUM, professionally tested and assessed as platinum.

Size: UK - K.5; US - 5.5 loose; EU - 16,2. This ring is not suitable for resizing. Resizing would interrupt the engraving and the shape.

Measures approx 2 mm wide by 1.2 mm deep.

Weighs 2.7 grams.