Vintage 9ct White Gold Tie Pin, Large Collar, Stock Pin Design.

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Vintage 9 carat white gold pin. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find a tie pin in white gold! It's an unusual find and I'm just thrilled. This pin is very well made with a built in safety catch which is hidden, and hinged so it kicks up and down like a kickstand of a bicycle. This large pin has a flat, polished top making it ideal to hold a tie in place or as a collar pin. It's equally useful as a simple brooch or shawl pin, or carefully styled to make a chain extender. Circa 20th century, likely 2nd quarter, mid 1920s to 1950.

In excellent condition.

Stamped 9ct for 9 carat gold and very unusually, it's white gold! Professionally tested and confirmed.

Measures approx 63.1 mm / 2.5 inches by 3.15 mm / 0.125 inches on to the top, flat surface which is 1.1 mm deep.

Weighs 3.3 grams.