Vintage 9ct Rose Gold Faceted Split Ring, 18.8 mm Pendant Holder.

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Vintage 9 carat gold faceted split ring. This is a lovely and versatile piece, very useful for holding charms and small pendants, connecting chains together, or simply as a stylish pendant in it's own right. This piece has a split in it, which goes all the way around, like a key ring does, and allows small items, like bails of a pendant or fob, to be added to it. The exterior is faceted, creating diamond shapes across the top and triangles around the edges. Circa early to mid 20th century.

In very good condition.

Not marked, professionally tested and assessed as 9 carat gold, which is rosy in colour.

Measures approx 15.2 mm internal diameter, 18.8 mm exterior diameter. Profile is approx 1.9 mm wide by 1.7 mm deep.

Weighs 1.4 grams.