Vintage 22ct Wedding Ring, 1940s Ladies 22k Gold Wedding Band. Size L / 5.75.

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Vintage 22 carat gold wedding ring. This mid 20th century 22 karat band is slender in width. It's narrow with a domed exterior and a flat interior forming a D shape profile. The gold is bright, shiny, and has a slightly rosy tone to it as is common in vintage 22ct gold. This ring is on the narrow side and would be easy to stack with other bands and rings. Circa 1940s, British in origin.

Traditionally 22ct was used for wedding rings during the Victorian era until the 1940s when gold was restricted for use in the war effort. 22ct then came back into fashion when those restriction were lifted.

Hallmarked for 22 carat gold, assayed in Birmingham, date letter for 1949.

Size: UK - L; US - 5.75; EU - 16,3. Sizing available for an additional fee.

Measures approx 2.3 mm wide by 1.5 mm deep.

Weighs 2.8 grams.