Vintage 10k Gold Front Cuff Link, Engraved Engine Turned Mid 20th Century Cufflinks.

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Engine turned gold fronted cuff links dating to the mid 20th century. These double faced cufflinks are adorned with a classic lined designed. A large trace chain connects the two faces, which are cushion shaped with flat sides and curved tops and bottoms. The entire front section is gold overlay so these appear to be gold when worn. We believe every man should have a good set of cuff links. Shirts are increasingly being designed to wear cuff links and they smarten up a suit for weddings, events, or just daily wear. These date to the late Art Deco era, 1930s - 1940s, British in origin.

Stamped 10ct gold front.

Face measures approx 17.3mm by 10.6 mm.

Weighs 6.75 grams total.