Victorian Tassel Earrings, Antique Silver Gilt Dangles on 9ct 9k Gold Wires.

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Antique tassel earrings dating to the Victorian era. These sweet earrings have such great movement! The tops of the tassels display a lovely puffed ridged design. From the base are six foxtail chain with a terminating bead on the end of each. These tassel swing from gold shepherds hook ear wires. One tassel is slightly longer and wider than the other. This is noticeable when they are hanging next to each, but is not noticeable with a smiling face between them! Circa late 19th century.

The tassels date to the Victorian era and are silver gilt, which is a silver base with a gold wash over it. The ear wires professionally and assessed as 9 carat yellow gold.

Measure approx 4.7 cm and 5 cm long by 10.3 mm and 11.3 mm at widest point.

Weigh 8 grams together.