Victorian Tassel Earrings, 9ct 9k Yellow Gold Antique Dangle Earrings.

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Antique tassel earrings dating to the Victorian era. These sweet earrings have such great movement! Eight foxtail chains, each finished with a gold bead, swing from an incredibly designed top. The top displays intricate Etruscan revival style bead work. The tassels are Victorian. They have been attached to a more modern earring top, from which they swing freely. Circa late 19th century tassels and mid 20th century tops and backs.

The tops appear to be matching in style from a normal viewing distance though on close inspection it is clear they are more modern. We like the design so we've kept them as they've come to us. If the buyer wanted ear hooks or a different style top we're happy to discuss this!

Not hallmarked, professionally tested and assessed as 9 carat gold. The butterfly style backs are stamped for 9 carat gold.

Measure approx 4.45 cm / 1.75 inches long by 0.86 cm / 0.34 inches wide at widest point.

Weigh 6.55 grams together.