Victorian Sterling Silver Albertina Watch Chain with Antique Coins, Tassel and Butterfly Pendant.

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Antique Victorian sterling silver albertina. This albertina is styled as a chunky ridged rolo link chain. Spaced along the length are two chunky oblong filigree links with a matching tassel at the end. Albertinas were made to hold pocket watches. The t-bar would have gone through a button hole on a vest or jacket and the dog clip attached to the pocket watch. The fancy end would have hung down, a visible personal statement. On this piece at that end are two one shilling pieces dated for 1845 and 1856, the matching tassel, and a large puffed heart engraved with a butterfly to one side.

Since pocket watches are no longer as in fashion as they were in the mid 1800s these pieces are commonly worn as bracelets or in pairs to make a chunky necklace. We like both ideas! Circa 1850s - 1860s, British in origin.

Stamped S.S. on the dog clip. Professionally tested and assessed as silver throughout.

Total length end to end is approx 33 cm / 13 inches.
Wearable length in it's current configuration - dog clip to jump ring at t-bar - is 27 cm / 10.6 inches.

Weighs 37 grams.