Victorian 9ct Gold Watch Key with Locket Compartment, Large Antique Hard Stone Fob Swivelling Fob Pendant, Circa 1870s Registration Mark.

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Victorian 9ct gold pendant with a couple of surprises! This large pendant, probably originally designed as a watch fob, is set with a different coloured hard stone on each side. One is a red and green bloodstone and the other side is a deeper red stone. This piece swivels down to revel a watch key. But the fun doesn't stop there! The bloodstone side opens to revel a locket compartment. At the moment the photograph inside is a black and white photograph of male, probably circa 1960s. The fob is stamped with a British diamond registration mark. Because it's stamped on a curve it is somewhat difficult to make out. We believe that it's for October 1879.

Not hallmarked, tested and assessed as 9 carat gold.

Measures approx 4.1 cm / 1.63 inches long by 2.39 cm / 0.94 inches wide and 0.82 cm / 0.33 inches deep

We've taken out the photograph and paper behind it to clean behind it before popping it back in. Weighs 7.3 grams without photograph and frame. Weighs 8.8 grams with the photograph and all related paraphernalia inside.

Pinchbeck chain is available in another listing.