Tapered 15ct Gold Bar Earrings, 15k Yellow Gold Converted Antique Spiked Studs.

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Tapered gold ban stud earrings. These have been converted from a Victorian piece of jewellery. These earrings are long and tapered, forming a point at the top and coming to a wider section about three-quarters of the way down before coming to a point at the bottom. The shape is very elegant with the top point going up the earlobe a bit and more of this stud hanging off the ear. I'm loving these earrings, which we've made in a few styles from recycled and reclaimed Victorian and antique pieces. All pairs vary in shape and taper and are so elegant while being a bit edgy due to their spiked shapes. Circa late 19th century tapered bars, we've made the posts with recycled gold from broken Victorian jewellery to match the carat of the bars, and added brand new backs.

Stamped 15ct on the back of one earring, professionally tested and assessed as 15 carat gold. We've added new 9 carat, stamped 375, yellow gold scroll backs.

Measure approx 23.1 mm / 0.91 inches long by 2.9 mm wide at widest point.

Weigh 2.4 grams total, approx 1.2 grams per earring.