Synthetic Ruby 18ct Gold Stud Earrings, Antique Mounting with 6.5 mm Gems.

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Synthetic ruby stud earrings set in 18 carat gold antique mountings. These mountings came to us without stones and without backs. We've set them with large brilliantly red, lab created rubies and added butterfly or scroll style backs. I had these set for myself and wore them a couple of times but find I don't wear them enough to justify keeping them. The mountings date to the late Victorian era, modern backs and synthetic rubies.

Rubies: 2, synthetic / lab created, measuring approx 6.55 mm each. They are a bright, rich red colour.

Not marked, professionally tested and assessed as 18 carat gold, which is yellow in colour. We've added matching new 18 carat gold (stamped 750) backs.

Measures approx 6.9 mm wide by 5.2 mm deep. The culet of the rubies touches the base of the mounting, these are set as low as possible.

Weigh 2.4 grams together.