Sterling Silver Chain Ring, Vintage Ridge & Knot Chain Link Conversion Ring.

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Vintage chain crafted into flexible, stackable, easy to wear rings! We've taken an length of vintage flat curb link chain is used it to create beautiful rings.

Three rings feature three knot links with ridged links creating the rest of the ring. The knotted links make a nice feature to wear on the top of the finger and the lower profile ridged links are comfortable. Weigh 2.20 - 2.45 grams, depending on size.
R / 8.7 / 18,6
N.5 / 7 / 17,3
J.5 / 5.25 / 15,8

Three rings are entirely ridged links. These rings are low profile and easy to stack. Weigh 1.45 - 1.75 grams, depending on size.
P / 7.75 / 17,9
M.5 / 6.5 / 16,9
L / 5.75 / 16,5

I find that I can do go slightly smaller in size because these rings are flexible. I normally wear a size L.5 - N and find a L - M most comfortable. To put on a chain ring, ease it down, pushing a bit on each side evenly until the ring is at the base of the finger. Reverse the process to take your ring off. Use a finger on the opposite hand to push the ring up, moving around the finger so the ring stays straight rather than twisting or pulling on one link.

Each of the links is marked with the lion for sterling silver.

Measure 4.15 mm to 4.25 mm wide.