Retro Amethyst 9ct Gold Bracelet, Wide Heavy Vintage 1960s Bangle. 15.5ctw, 69.5g.

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Incredible amethyst retro bracelet crafted in 9 carat yellow gold. This is just the most beautifully crafted piece! Each of the eight sections are cast so that they are the same all the way around. It's a scissor or x style design which is bark textured to the exterior. A larger amethyst is set where two points meet and a curve of smaller amethysts to the negative space between created by the design. These eight sections have been hinged together so that this bracelet is flexible and a gold rope wraps around the base of the larger amethyst hiding the articulation from view.

This is a completely fabulous piece! It's heavy with a wonderful design, is very well crafted, and looks to have hardly been worn or used.

Amethyst: 32 total, all round faceted. 8 are approx 7.4 mm to 7.55 mm each, calculated as 1.42 carats to 1.55 carats each. 24 are approx 3.4 mm to 3.5 mm each, calculated as 0.14 carats to 0.155 carats each. Total as calculated within the limits of the mounting is 15.5 carats.

Hallmarked for 9 carat gold, assayed in Birmingham, 1964.

Measures approx 29 mm / 1.13 inches wide at widest point. Measures approx 16.5 cm / 6.5 inches internal circumference at the edge, which is where it's the smallest. Model's wrist measures 16 cm right above the wrist bone. This bracelet fits model from approx where a watch would be worn to just sliding over the wrist bone, ie, not sliding down on to the palm.

Weighs 69.5 grams. This is a very heavy bracelet.