RESERVED Heart Padlock 9ct Earrings, Antique Long 9k Rose Gold Articulated Dangle Earrings.

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Antique heart padlock long dangle earrings dating to the early 20th century. These are very cool and incredibly unique! They would have started their lives as two separate pieces and now they look amazing joined up.

Each of the heart drops is designed as a padlock with a latch on the side so that the hook on top opens. The fronts of the hearts are hand engraved with an intricate scroll pattern. The hearts are the same size, shape, and made by the same company, however the design is slightly different with one having a little flower in it's corner. Above the hearts is an open trombone style link with a puffed sphere on top which leads to a gold ear hook.

The tops of these earrings, the sphere and oblong link, have been put together with the heart padlock. All sections date to around the same time, 1890s - 1910s, we aren't sure when they were married together though.

Stamped 9ct GOLD on the back of each heart. Professionally tested and assessed as 9 carat gold throughout. The gold is rosy in colour.

Measure approx 5.13 cm / 2.02 inches long by 1.2 cm / 0.48 inches wide at widest point.

Weigh 3.7 grams together.