RESERVED Gold Filled Antique Long Guard Chain, Art Nouveau Oval Filigree Link Necklace. 152 cm / 60 inches.

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Antique gold filled long guard chain. The filigree links are absolute stunning! The larger links are a double oval in shape with a band splitting them down the middle and a metal work swirl within the oval. These links have wide sloped edges, coming to a knife edge when viewed from the side. A series of longer flat and smaller circular links connect the larger links. The alternating designs continues all the way around this chain. At the end is a large spring bolt clasp which fattens into a terminating ring.

Terminating jump ring is marked with a maker's mark of a KJ (with an arrow through it) Double.

Measures approx 152 cm / 60 inches long and 5.1 mm wide.

Weighs 20.75 grams.