Platinum Faceted Wedding Band, Engraved Vintage 1940s Narrow Ring. Size O / 7.25.

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Vintage ladies faceted platinum wedding ring. Flat sides show floral engraving. Between these are lightly peaked sections. This ring is around 70-80 years old and shows signs of wear. The centre flower of three in each of the engraved sections can be the most clearly seen. This piece has clearly been loved and worn, which just makes it so special, to think it's been regularly worn by a couple who was together for decades. Circa 1940s, British in origin.

Stamped PLAT, professionally tested and assessed as platinum.

Size: UK - O; US - 7.25; EU - 17,5. We would recommend against resizing this ring.

Measures approx 2.1 mm wide by 1.1 mm deep.

Weighs 2.5 grams.