Old Mine Cut Diamond Drop Earrings, 18ct 18k Long Tapered Dangle Earrings.

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Old mine cut diamond drop earrings. These earrings started their lives as opposite sides of a brooch and we thought they were just calling out to become earrings! The sparkly antique diamonds are wonky, hand cut and incredibly charming. The mounting is likely newer than the diamonds and has been perfectly made to house these beauties. Each of the diamonds sits at the end of a long, tapered white gold bar. We've used the pin component of the brooch to craft antique style ear wires which are articulated where the wires meet the tapered drop. The movement shows these glitter balls at their best! Circa late 19th century diamonds, Art Deco mountings, and modern conversion.

Diamonds: old mine cut. Measure approx 4.35 mm by 4.2 mm and 4 mm by 3.7 mm to total approx 0.45 carats, I / J colour, SI1 clarity as calculated within the limits of the mounting.

18 carat white gold, not marked, tested

Measures approx 3.55 cm / 1.4 inches in total length by 4.6 mm at widest point.

Weigh 2.2 grams together.