Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, Leaf Design with 0.34 Carat. 18ct Gold & Palladium.

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Old European cut diamond engagement ring in a single stone design. This diamond solitaire holds an absolutely old cut diamond! The chunky faceted diamond has a wee tiny little table and a larger open culet. It's set down in a buttercup style mounting with engraved leaves trailing down the shoulders. The diamond is high set with the mounting displaying the gemstone in a way that allows most of the diamond to be seen. This engagement ring is two-toned with the top being white metal, tested as palladium, and the band in gold.

Palladium grained in popularity during the war era when platinum was needed for the war effort. It was used during the 1940s and wasn't commonly used again until the 2000s. Palladium is a natural white metal which is very hard and durable making it perfect for use in jewellery! This ring dates to the 1940s and is British in origin.

Diamond: old European cut, approx 4.6 mm to 4.4 mm and calculate as 0.34 carats, H colour, SI clarity within the limits of the mounting.

Stamped 18ct & PALL. Professionally tested and assessed as 18 carat yellow gold with the top in palladium.

Size: UK - P; US - 7.75; EU - 56,5. This ring can be sized between M / 6.25 / 52,7 and T / 9.75 / 61. Sizing available for an additional fee.

Measures approx 8.05 mm wide by 6.8 mm deep at diamond. 1.8 mm wide band.

Weighs 2.5 grams.