Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 14k, Half Hitch Design.

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Wonderful vintage old European cut diamond engagement ring dating to the early 20th century. This is a unique design which we just love finding! The centre old European cut is set in small bead claws in a square shaped mount. A pierced design tapers down the shoulders in a half hitch style! The use of the negative space is one of my favourites, it just works so well, and while being in vogue during the 1900s - 1920s, it's not an easy design to find now. Set into each of the shoulders are two diamonds, slightly graduated in size. The side diamonds are outlined in milgrain beading with additional little engraved flares further down the shank. This style of engagement ring is easy to pair with a wedding band. Circa 1910s - 1920s.

Diamonds: 5 total. Centre old European cut measures 3.95 mm - 4.00 mm and is calculated as 0.25 carats, I / J colour, VS2 within the limits of the mounting. 2 single cut side stones measure approx 1.3 mm and 2 measure approx 1.5 mm for a total of 0.05 carats as calculated in mounting.

Worn, illegible markings. Professionally tested and assessed as 14 carat gold which is white in colour.

Size: UK - K; US - 5.25; EU - 16. This ring can be sized between I / 4.25 / 15,1 and N.5 / 7 / 17,2.

Measures approx 5.35 mm wide by 5 mm deep at centre diamond, 1.65 mm at back centre.

Weighs 1.8 grams.