Nail Design Sterling Silver Bangle, Vintage Mid Century Large or Upper Arm Bracelet.

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Vintage sterling silver bangle bracelet dating to the mid 20th century. This piece is designed from silver tube shaped wire which has been shaped into a bangle. Each end of this bracelet curves outward and is capped with a head making it look like a nail. It's a bolder piece in a larger size making it suitable for either a larger wrist or a small upper arm. Circa mid 20th century.

Partial stamp, professionally tested and assessed as sterling silver.

Measures 22 cm / 8.75 inches internal circumference. This is a larger size which may fit the upper arm of a smaller arm or the wrist of a larger arm.

Measures approx 5 cm / 2 inches at widest point and 5.2 mm at back

Weighs 20.3 grams.