Large Antique Griffin Intaglio Seal, Quartz Carved Seal Fob.

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Large antique griffin seal crafted in gold tone metal. A large griffin (head of an eagle, body of a lion) is depicted with a sword. I think the bloodied sword is being carried by the griffin since the griffin is normally a protector and I don't know of any mythology in which a griffin is slain. This incredible beast is carved into a white quartz which is foil backed giving the stone a silvery appearance. The top of the fob is engraved with the traditional floral boarder and ridged top. It's clearly been loved and used a lot. I'm curious about the history of this one more than lots of others I come across. The heavier used top indicates it's been a favourite while the base is in nearly perfect condition so it's been well taken care of. The details involving the sword aren't shown so we're left to speculate what happened. Circa mid 19th century.

In good condition, the metal age related use to wear to the pattern.

Measures approx 28.8 mm / 1.15 inch tall and 19.9 mm / 0.80 inches by 16.4 mm / 0.65 inches on the bottom.

Weighs 11.5 grams.

Listing is for fob only, other chains and pendants shown are available separately.