Georgian Rebus Intaglio Time Flies but Friendship Stays, Antique Seal Fob.

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Antique rebus crafted in gold tone metal. The bright blue paste base of this sweetie is engraved with little symbols, like a riddle, which together convey a message. I've had trouble with this one. I believe its:

Hourglass (time), group of flies (flies), barrel (but), shaking hands (friendship), corset (stays). I've seen the last picture described as a harp (goes on) as well. Circa early 19th century, Georgian era.

The detailing of the top of this piece is in very good condition. Someone has added a larger jump ring so that it can more easily be worn. The base is clear and makes a good impression. There is a slight chip to the very edge under the bezel setting.

Measures approx 21.5 mm / 0.85 inch tall and 16.1 mm / 0.65 inches by 13.7 mm / 0.55 inches on the bottom.

Weighs 4.2 grams.

Listing is for rebus fob only, other chains and pendants shown are available separately.