Engraved 18ct 18k White Gold Floral Faceted Wedding Band, Vintage 1950s Size K / 5.5

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Vintage ladies wedding band dating to the mid 20th century. I just love this style of ring! The exterior is lightly faceted in shape, a design unique to the mid 20th century, post war era, when cleaner lines and geometric shapes became fashionable. Spaced evenly around are pairs of small engraved flower blossoms, nestled into every third flat side. This is a slender ring with flat sides which allow another ring or band to sit snugly next to it. Circa 1950s, British in origin.

Hallmarked for 18 carat gold, assayed in Birmingham 1953. The gold is white in colour.

Size: UK - K; US - 5.5; EU - 16. This ring isn't suitable for resizing, which may disrupt the pattern and design.

Measures 2.2 mm wide by 1.3 mm deep.

Weighs 2.6 grams.