Edwardian Silver Locket with Reeded Enamel Edges, Antique Small Shaker Pendant Circa 1900.

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Red enamel and silver locket dating to the early 20th century. This small locket is silver with a reeded edge adorned with an orangey red enamel. A rim of silver with a beaded edge can be lifted out and allows the interior section to be filled. The glass is slightly convex. The edges on this locket are very pretty making it a wonderful frame for your photos or miniature trinkets. Circa 1900, likely European in origin.

We've shown it with gemstones measuring approx 2.6 mm deep, it may work with slightly deeper gemstones but because we didn't want to put unnecessary pressure on the thin glass these are the largest gemstones we tried. To open, slip your fingernail very gently under the silver rim. It only opens on one side so carefully test which side. To close, put items in, line up the sections, and press on the silver rim, not the glass. Putting undue pressure on unsupported glass may cause it to break.

Tested as silver, around 800 parts of 1000.

Measures approx 23 mm / 0.90 inches tall not including the bail.

Weighs 3.1 grams.

Gemstones not included. Sold without chain; if you require one please contact us so we can assist.