Art Deco French Cut Synethic Sapphire & White Spinel Ring, 9ct Gold & Platinum.

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French cut gemstone ring dating to the Art Deco era. The star of the show is a lovely synthetic blue sapphire. This lab created sapphire is French cut and an absolutely gorgeous and bright shade of blue. French cuts are square or rectangle in shape and their table is at a 90 degree angle to their girdle making them different in appearance to other square cuts. Framing the centre stone are 12 single cut lab created white spinels. The platinum top is lined in milgrain beading and a narrow gold shank pinches in to meet the top and widens to a D shape profile in back. Circa 1920s, British in origin.

Sapphire: lab-created / synthetic. Blue, French cut measuring approx 3.5 mm.

Spinels: lab-created / synthetic. 12 of approx 1.3 mm each.

Stamped PLAT 9ct. Professionally tested and assessed as 9 carat yellow gold with the very top in platinum.

Size: UK - Q; US - 8.25; EU - 18,3. This ring can be sized between H.5 / 4.25 / 15 and T / 9.75 / 19,5. Sizing available for an additional fee.

Measures approx 8.2 mm wide by 3.8 mm deep on top. 2.1 mm band.

Weighs 1.5 grams.