Art Deco Curved Diamond Wedding Band, Platinum Shaped Contoured 1920s Ring.

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Vintage diamond wedding ring dating to the Art Deco era. This is a marvellous and unique ring! The 11 diamonds are tapered and shaped in a long bow design across the finger creating a soft curve. This soft curve would allow several engagement rings, both vintage and modern, to nuzzle up to it for a more flush fit. The single cut diamonds are smallest in the centre and widen out to two stacked diamonds before narrowing again to a single diamond. At the end the single diamond gives way to a slender knife edge band. Circa 1920s.

The curve in this ring is subtle and would work for a variety of rings which just aren't quite flush with a straight band.

Diamonds: 11 total, single cut, approx 0.10 carats total weight.

Stamped 10% IRID PLAT. Professionally tested and assessed as platinum.

Size: UK - M.5; US - 6.5; EU - 17. This ring can be resized between L / 5.75 / 16,3 and O / 7.25 / 17,5. Sizing available for an additional fee.

Measures approx 4 mm wide at widest point, 2.3 mm at the front centre, 2.05 mm deep at front centre, 9.1 mm wide across the dip at the front. 1.4 mm5 band at back centre.

Weighs 2.2 grams.