Antique Victorian Gold Filled Seal, Bird Carrying a Letter, D'UN AMI Intaglio Fob.

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Antique gold fill intaglio seal. This mid 19th century seal is set with engraved white quartz in a cushion shape. The bottom is engraved D'UN AMI, which translate as From a Friend, with a bird holding a letter in it's beak. So cute!! The top section is engraved in a foliate style design with a single five petalled flower to the centre. Circa mid 19th century.

The top handle portion is at a slight angle to the bottom. This does not effect it's use or wear.

Measures approx 2.1 cm / 0.83 inches tall and the bottom is 12.25 mm by 10.2 mm.

Weighs 2.7 grams.