Antique Victorian Fobs: Miniature 18ct & 9ct Gold Seals & Watch Keys on Tiny Engraved Split Ring.

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Antique set of three tiny charms and fobs on an engraved split ring. This 19th century Victorian charms have a lovely feel to them. All pieces are varying finenesses of gold and stones which are described below.

Left to right as shown in the first photo, the order is different in other photos:

Miniature 18 carat gold citrine fob in a round, faceted cut with a dome over the gemstone leading to a pierced top. Measures approx 17.6 mm tall, bottom is 9.5 mm across.

Heart 9 carat rose gold watch key. The bail swivels and the heart is puffed. The base is squared so that it can be inserted into a watch for winding. Measures approx 28.1 mm tall including bail by 9.7 mm wide and 4.25 mm deep at heart.

Small 9 carat gold bloodstone fob in a shield shape with the tapered top engraved in a swirling design. Measures approx 21.2 mm tall, bottom is 10.35 mm by 8.5 mm.

All three gold seals and charms are suspended from a small engraved 9 carat rose gold split ring. The split ring measures 9.9 mm outer diameter and 7.1 mm inner diameter.

This piece is in very good condition.

Together this item weighs approx 5 grams. Circa mid 1800s.

Listing is for grouping of fobs only, chain shown is available separately.