Antique Victorian 15ct Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet, Small Wrist Size, 12.1g.

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Gorgeous 15ct rose gold bangle bracelet dating to the Victorian era. This simple bracelet is hallow form and is crafted in a square profile with a flat top and sides and a very gently curved interior. The interior shape as well as the depth stops this bangle from digging in when worn. This bracelet is made for a smaller sized wrist and would lovely alone or stacked. Circa 1900, British in origin.

In very good condition with a couple of minor dents on the side near the clasp. This shiny piece reflects everything so parts of our photography equipment can be seen - the top is smooth with the only minor dents on the side.

Not marked, professionally tested and assessed as 15 carat gold, which is rose in colour.

Measures approx 16 cm / 6.3 inches internal circumference. My wrist measures approx 16 cm / 6.3 inches where I wear my watch. This bracelet is a perfect fit for me and would best be suited for someone with a similar sized or smaller wrist who doesn't like much movement up and down the arm to their bracelets - I can't stand it when they travel nearly up to my elbow or over the palm of my hand!

Measures approx 8 mm wide by 2.9 mm deep.

Weighs 12.1 grams.