Antique Turquoise & Cultured Pearl Horseshoe Pendant, Large 9ct 9k Gold Lucky Charm Victorian Conversion.

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Antique turquoise and cultured pearl horseshoe pendant. This pendant, made by converting a late Victorian brooch, is set with a stunning combination of gemstones! The lovely blue of the sapphires contrasts with the creamy white of the pearls. The turquoise are all round, graduating in size, while the smaller cultured pearls are round the larger ones are oblong in shape. The oblong pearls are incredibly pretty and in my mind just makes this piece! The gemstones are set in a pinched design edge. Horseshoes are meant to be lucky, holding the luck in for their wearer. We don't know if it's true, but love the shape no matter what! Circa 1870s - 1890s horseshoe, modern conversion.

Turquoise: 7, approx 2.3 mm to 4.5 mm in size.

Pearls: 8, assumed cultured, approx 2 mm round to 3.6 mm by 2.2mm oval shaped.

Not marked, professionally tested as 9 carat yellow gold.

Measures approx 21.7 mm / 0.85 inches by 19.8 mm / 0.78 inches as it hangs

Weighs 3.1 grams.

This piece can be supplied on a new 9 yellow carat gold 1.6mm trace chain (shown on model) if required. Please choose the length you require at checkout.