Antique Silver Seal Fob, Sterling Silver Crest with Lion, Bird & Crown, Georgian Circa 19th Century.

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Antique silver seal dating to the 19th century. This heavy silver fob seal features a decorative design on the top which is very tactile and easy to hold! A fluted columned style pattern can be seen from the top. The simple design belies the much more intricately carved seal. In the centre is an oval with a single tree with a bird below it on one side and a lion on the other side. Outside the oval is a further lion and an smaller animal which looks like a bird. Above the entire design is a crown.

Likely European in origin, we think it's possibly Scandinavian based on where it was found and the style of the seal.

Hallmarked. Tested as sterling silver. To us the hallmarks look like a shell and a bowler hat and we cannot identify them.

Measures 2.33 cm / 0.92 inches tall. Bottom is 1.98 by 1.65 cm.

Weighs 8.6 grams.