Antique Niello Long Guard Chain, 800 Silver & Gilt Victorian 55 Inch Necklace.

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Antique silver niello chain. This early 20th century chain is formed of oblong shaped, flattened links which are adorned with black enamel work known as neillo. Alternating links are twisted to create a figure of eight or infinity design within a small oval link. These smaller links are gilded with a rose gold to create a stark and stunning contrast.

This long chain terminates at a small dog clip at one end and a medium sized spring bolt clasp on the other. Both the dog clip and spring bolt are neillo, a hard to find thing that we just love! This chain can be fully unfastened so that it can be worn looped around the neck or wrist multiple times. Circa 1900, European in origin.

Stamped 800 on the two terminating ends. Professionally tested and assessed as silver.

Measures approx 140 cm / 55.25 inches long by 3.6 mm wide.

Weighs 28.8 grams.