Antique Garnet Single Stone Ring, 14ct 14k Rose Gold. Rectangular Step Cut Gemstone.

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Vintage garnet single stone engagement ring. A stunning rectangular cut deep red garnet is set in a four tab claw basket mounting. Garnet is birthstone for garnet and comes in a wide range of colours. This particular garnet is a deep, dark red which is often the shade people first think of when they think of garnets! It's a chubby step cut. The wide claws are ridged down the centre to give the impression of having double claws. A D shape profile shape narrows at the back. The mounting for this ring is rosy in colour, a flattering shade for the red garnet. Circa early 20th century.

It's in good condition, and has had the shoulders resoldered to the collet. Because it's been sized down it's also slightly out of round.

This ring reminds me of my mother. She wears a step cut garnet, given as a birthday gift from my father well over 40 years ago. I'm terribly sentimental about my mother's ring, and I hope this ring goes to a lovely home where it develops similar sentimentality for it's new owner.

Garnet: rectangular shape, step cut, approx 9.95 mm by 8.45 mm, calculated in setting as approx 4.8 carats.

Not stamped, professionally tested and assessed at 14 carat gold.

Size: UK - I; US - 4.5; EU - 15,25. This ring has been sized down previously, potentially causing the loss of stamps, it is not recommend for resizing any smaller. It can be resized larger up to N / 6.75 / 17,1. Sizing available for an additional fee.

Measures approx 10.1 mm by 8.45 mm on top by 6.45 mm deep. 1.8 mm band.

Weighs 3.2 grams.