Antique Coiled Snake Rock Crystal Pendant, 9ct 9k Gold Small Serpent Charm.

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Antique snake pendant dating to the end of the 19th century. This Victorian to Edwardian piece is just wonderful! A rose coloured ring encircles the rock crystal. This ring is flared in shape, wider around the crystal and at the bottom of the pendant, coming to a soft point at the pendant edge. Encircled around the rock crystal is more fantastic snake. It's coiled around the clear orb, keeping it's prize safe and sound. This piece is very subtly two-toned, both colours are soft.

Rock crystal orb, tested, measures approx 9 mm wide and deep. I think it's likely two halves, a snake with a half sphere and the ring with a half sphere, which are pieced together. They don't appear to come apart.

Not marked, professionally tested and assessed as 9 carat gold, which is two tone, yellow gold snake on a rose gold bezel that holds the crystal.

Measures approx 17.4 mm / 0.68 inches tall not including the bail by 15.3 mm / 0.60 inches wide.

Weighs 2.9 grams. This piece is sold without a chain.