Antique 9ct & Silver Star Necklace, Synthetic Sapphire, Old Cut Diamonds & Seed Pearls.

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Gorgeous antique gem set pendant. I'm absolutely in love with this striking piece! Held in the centre is a large bright cobalt blue lab created sapphire. This synthetic sapphire is the most striking colour, proper rich blue with just a hint of purple undertones to make it really pop.

Six clusters of gems form a star like pattern off the centre sapphire. The three diamond designs are shaped like ivy leafs. In the centre of each of the leafs is a bezel set old mine cut diamond with five petals, each set with two or three diamonds, adorning them. The small diamonds are a mix of older cuts and are super sparkly! Between the diamonds are groups of three seed pearls.

The top of this piece is mostly white, other than the claws holding the lab created sapphire, and the back is a red / rose gold. This gem set cluster is likely to have come from a larger piece, the back of it shows small signs of alterations. We're guessing maybe one of several drops on a multi-drop necklace but that's just an educated guess.

Lab created sapphires become possible, and therefore more common in jeweller, in the very early 20th century. The main section of this pendant dates to around that time, circa 1900 - 1910s. We're not sure when, how, or even if, it's been converted for sure but suspect the integral chain dates to mid 20th century or later.

Sapphire: lab created / synthetic, a true cobalt blue colour measuring approx 10.55 mm to 10.65 mm in diameter and calculated as 5.20 carats. The synthetic sapphire has an inclusion which can be seen in some lighting at certain angles. The inclusion is likely the result of what happened when it was created.

Diamonds: 42 total, 14 in each flower, they are a mix of rose cut, single cut, and old mine cut. Measure approx 0.75 mm to 1.8 mm and total approx 0.24 carats together, near colourless and eye clean as assessed within the limits of the mounting.

Seed pearls: 9, all a cream colour at normal view distance but have various undertones visible upon inspection. Each approx 2.5 mm to 2.6 mm in diameter.

Marked 375 on the spring clasp. Professionally tested as: silver top with 9 carat gold back and 9 carat gold chain. The back and chain are rose in colour, typical of antique British gold.

Gem set pendant measures approx 28 mm / 1.1 inches tall by 30.3 mm / 1.2 inches wide as it hangs. Total wearable length is 49.5 cm / 19.5 inches long.

Weighs 5.1 grams.