Antique 9ct Gold Wedding Ring, Engraved Wide 9k Cigar Band. Size M / 6.25.

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Antique 9ct gold wedding band. This late Victorian cigar ring is wide and low profile. A simple, bold four petalled floral design adorns the centre, running the entire circumference of this piece. Shiny unadorned bands alternate with ridged lines to form a pattern on either side of the floral design. Circa 1880s, British in origin.

Hallmarked for 9 carat gold, assayed in Birmingham, date letter for 1888. This ring came to us as rhodium plated. With careful testing we've determined that it's 9 carat gold rhodium plated to be white. The rhodium will wear off over time, exposing the higher points and giving a two-tone look.

Size: UK - M; EU - 6.25; EU - 16,5. Sizes taken from the leading edge. We find that wider rings fit differently to narrower rings. I normally wear a size M but would wear a N-N.5 in a ring of this width and depth. This ring is not suitable for resizing.

Measures approx 5.2 mm wide by 0.80 mm deep.

Weighs 2 grams.