Antique 9ct Gold Safety Pin, Small Kilt Pin Style Design.

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Antique 9 carat gold safety pin. This useful piece is crafted from 1.3 mm round wire which is shaped into a stock pin. The design where the pointed ends secures loops around, like a kilt pin does, making this guy look like a wee kilt pin!

Both looped ends of this pin are more open which is very convenient if you should wish to use to just give your chain a bit an extension. It can also be used as a brooch, shawl pin, tie clip, collar pin, the list goes on! Circa late 19th century, British in origin.

In very good condition. It doesn't spring open, but when unlatched sits slightly open making it most useful for a project like making a chain longer or a charm holder.

Measures approx 40.2 mm / 1.6 inches long by 8.25 mm tall, made from 1.3 mm rounded wire.

Stamped 9ct. Professionally tested and assessed as 9 carat gold through out. The colour is warm, between modern yellow and rose gold.

Weighs 2.1 grams.