Antique 20ct Gold Lucky Horseshoe Bracelet, Victorian Heavy Equestrian 20k Bangle, Circa 1890s.

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Antique horseshoe bracelet dating to the late 19th century. This heavy weight bracelet forms a bypass design in the front. Where the sections overlap is a large horseshoe. At the terminating ends are golden spheres. This bracelet is oval in shape so that the horseshoe stays on top of the wrist. The profile is rounded, so it's smooth to the touch and on the wrist. It snaps shut with a audible click and has a thick safety chain. Circa late 1800s, possibly Irish in origin.

Stamped 20, professionally tested and assessed as 20 carat gold. 20 carat gold, though uncommon, was used in Ireland during the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

Measures approx 18.3 cm / 7.20 inches internal circumference. Widest point at the top is 1.67 cm / 0.66 inches and back is 3.55 mm / 0.14 inches.

Weighs 24.7 grams. This is a weighty, solid piece.