Antique 15ct Safety Pin, Small 19th Century Victorian 15k Gold Brooch.

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Antique 15ct gold safety pin. This simple 15k gold safety pin is made from medium gauge 1.2 mm rounded wire. It's an older style and the pointed in sticks out past the loop, typical in older pieces, it was simply the fashion. Antique safety pins have a variety of modern uses from being a simple brooch to securing a shawl or scarf (perfect for those winter months!) or on the end of a chain to lengthen it and give a place to secure charms. Circa ;ate 19th century, British in origin.

Stamped, though faded and partially illegible. Professionally tested and assessed as 15 carat gold which is slightly rosy in colour.

Measures approx 3.55 cm / 1.4 inches long by 0.6 cm / 0.23 inches tall.

Weighs 1.7 grams.

Listing for safety pin only, charms sold separately.