Antique 14k Ring Enamel Initial Monogram GCG, Allsopp Brothers.

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Gorgeous antique gold band with inset enamel initials. This band is just heat stopping! A wide cigar style band has been hand engraved with a textured design, accented with scrolling flourished. The design covers about a third of this band with the rest left shiny and plain. In centre of the engraved design are three bold initials in brick coloured reddish brown, white, and black. I think the initials are GCG though it could also be GCC or GGG as gothic G's and C's look very similar. This ring dates to the late Victorian era to Edwardian era, approx 1890s - 1910s, made by the Allsopp Brothers of North America.

In stunning condition.

Marked A★ 14K. Professionally tested and assessed as 14 carat gold which is rose in colour. The A★ is the maker's mark for Allsopp Brothers, a New Jersey based jeweller in business between the 1880s and 1930s when they combined with another company.

Size: UK - L; US - 5.75; EU - 16, 2. Due to the inset enamel, this ring is not recommended for resizing as the heat required might damage the enamel.

Measures approx 7.3 mm wide by 1 mm deep.

Weighs 5 grams.