1940s French Cut Synthetic Ruby Eternity Ring. Platinum Channel Set Full Hoop Band. Size L.25 / 6.

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Vintage French cut lab-created ruby eternity ring dating to the mid 20th century. Thirty-six synthetic rubies are channel set in platinum. Each little square shaped ruby is cut with the table (top of the gemstone) at a 90 degree angle to the girdle (widest part of the stone, what you see as the shape). French cuts became popular in the Art Deco era and remained so through the mid 20th century. They've recently become coveted once again! This eternity ring has plain sides, one of which has been engraved with a personal inscription which reads, "W.H.D. TO K.T.C. 7.12.'41." making this ring over 75 years old!

Rubies: untested, assumed synthetic / lab created based on lack of inclusions and evenness of colour. 36 French cut. The gemstones do show age related facet wear and abrasions.
Not hallmarked, tested and assessed as platinum.

Size: UK - L.25; US - 6; EU - 51,5. This ring cannot be resized.

Measures approx 2.4 mm wide by 1.7 mm deep.

Weighs 2.5 grams.