Victorian Engraved Book Chain Necklace, Ivy Leaves & Flower Blossoms, 40.5 cm / 16 inches.

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Wonderful antique book chain dating to the late Victorian era. Wide domed links alternating in pattern and are etched with either an ivy leaf or a large flower blossom. These links are connected together to create a long chain, ideal for displaying pendants and lockets as Victorians did. The back is plain and is just a nicely finished so this chain can be turned around, plain side outward, to provide a different look. Circa late 19th century.

Not marked, this piece is white metal.

Measures approx 40.5 cm / 16 inches end to end, by 14.9 mm / 0.60 inches wide. The large spring bolt clasp measures approx 21.2 mm exterior diameter.

Weighs 54.4 grams.