Sterling Silver Charm Hook, Twisted Vintage Style Shepard's Hook Pendant for Charms.

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Wonderful charm hook crafted in sterling silver. This piece is modelled on an antique hook that would have been found on a chain or bracelet in the Victorian and Edwardian era. Each of these is made by hand in the traditional style, drawing and twisting the wire to get the shape required. The wires are bent around in a beautiful shape with a ball on the end and a jump ring at the top through which a chain can be added. The neck of each ring is pinched so that charms and pendants can dangle nicely.

This is a modern piece which we've made by hand, milling, twisting and bending the wire. These are not cast pieces and the incredible skill of our jeweller can be seen in each piece! Because they are truly handmade each is very slightly different.

Not hallmarked, we made this from sterling silver wire.

Measure approx 2.9 cm / 1.15 inches tall by 1.25 cm / 0.5 inches wide.

Each pieces weighs approx 1.9 grams.

One hook is slightly smaller than the others as can be seen in the photos. If you have a preference at checkout please let me know. Other charms and pendant not included. The set with the turquoise is how I wear my hook daily. The other set is of available charms and pendents which are listed separately.