Antique Engraved Platinum Wedding Ring by Spaulding & Co. Floral Design Band, Size M.75 / 6.75.

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Antique platinum engraved ring by Spaulding & Co. This slender band is engraved on all three visible sides. The floral pattern looks like single flower blossoms, face up, and fully encircling the exterior. On the sides are sweet engraved circle and diamond shapes. This ring is flat on the sides and interior with a very slightly curved exterior. It feels nice on the finger on it's own, wide enough to stand alone, and it also pairs well with other bands and rings. Circa 1900, North American in origin. Spaulding & Co was based in Chicago, Illinois during the late 19th to early 20th century.

Stamped PLATINUM and Spaulding & Co. Professionally tested and assessed as platinum.

Size: UK - M.75; US - 6.75; EU - 17,1. This ring can be compressed down to size L / 5.75 / 16,5 without disruption to the pattern.

Measures approx 2.3 mm wide by 1.7 mm deep.

Weighs 4.6 grams. This is a heavier weight ring.