Antique Cut Steel Earrings, Victorian Winged Design Cut Steel Drops. 9ct Gold Earwires, Circa 1860s.

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Antique cut steel dangle earrings dating to the mid Victorian era. Cut steel was popular as jewellery during the 1700s to 1900s. Bits of steel are shaped and faceted into beads and riveted into a metal plate, usually brass. The polished steel sparkles in low lighting so these are earrings transition from day to evening wear easily. The steel looks a bit like marcasite, the gemstone it was meant to imitate.

These articulated earrings are crafted in two sections. At the top is a round floral shape cluster. Dangling from the cluster is a large cut steel circle with a winged shape. The curves of the wings are mirrored so that the earrings can either be worn framing the face or curving away. The mirror is wonderful! Normally see we see two earrings which curve the same way, that the care was taken to make these opposite really sets them apart. Circa mid 1800s, English in origin.

Not marked, the tops are cut steel and the ear wires test as 9 carat gold.

Measures approx 4.25 cm / 1.67 inches long.

Weigh 4 grams.